Myofascial Release - Is a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic hands on technique for mobilising and unwinding the fascia. Highly effective with pain, postural dysfunction and conditions like fibromyalgia and TMJ problems to name just two. Fascia is all the ‘stuff’ that isn’t our muscles, bones and organs. It surrounds all our tissues and is a continuous web of highly elastic and strong tissue designed to protect us and support our body. Imagine it like a very complicated and living 3D woolly jumper. All the fascia is connected, so if you tried to unpick it you would end up with one ball of wool at the end. By working on one area we can have a release through the whole body. Your therapist will take the tissue to tension and follow the releases of the tissue, moving around the body following areas of tension. Hazel Clark is trained in slow sustained Myofascial Release with Myofascial Release UK.

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